Chichester Marina is a good location for a rally. Last year we went to Chichester Yacht Club.

This year we return to the Yacht Club for another good evening.

A few years ago there was music - before that - fireworks.

What will there be this year? - come and find out!

Pauline invites all members to a meeting at Chichester Yacht Club.

I will book a table for 6:30pm. Favourable tides if coming by boat. Plenty of parking if coming by car.

Portsmouth (approx.)

Portsmouth  HW  BST  14.17  4.8m  Saturday 9th September

                  HW BST  14.56   4.7m  Sunday 10th September

Hope you will be able to make it.

Organiser: Pauline

Saturday 9th September - Chichester Rally.

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