Details and specifications shown are for the Newbridge Yacht at a sample year for each model only have been taken from original sales brochures. Other versions built before or after this year may vary in specifications etc. It should therefore be used for guidance. More details can be found in the Members’ Area. Click on any picture to enlarge / download.

Specifications - (other models to follow) - more info in the Members’ Area.

Newbridge Corribee

Corribee spec.pdf

Newbridge Coromandel

Newbridge Topaz

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Newbridge Cracksman

Newbridge  Navigator


Newbridge Eclipse

Newbridge Spinner 28

Spinner 28.pdf

Many more details are located in the Members’ area.

Newbridge Virgo Voyager

Note: The Virgo was a 4 berth version that preceded the Voyager.

Newbridge Pioneer

Newbridge Sunrider 25


Newbridge Venturer


Pioneer Pilot

(See Pioneer)

VenturerMk1003.pdf Restoration Projects